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To support Mendes Gonçalves’ regenerative development

To support Mendes Gonçalves - a food sector company - and, in particular, its founder Carlos Gonçalves to achieve a harmonious integration of the company’s several environmental and social impact projects; and support the company’s evolution for its role in the 21st century – i.e. a company that actively contributes to dealing with climate change and to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in its region of Golegã (PT).

Resources & Process: We worked over 6 months and through regular meetings online and in-person to: support the definition of a long-term business purpose in line with regenerative development principles; and work with the sustainability, education and finance team to bring regenerative capacity to specific projects (a local school; territorial development; local stakeholder engagement).

Results: Clarity about what Mendes Gonçalves is when understood as a whole, and definition of its purpose and long-term vision based on this systemic understanding supported by the production of a comic book “One day in Golegã in 2032”. Identification of capacities and capabilities to realize the surfaced potential of the company .

Date: January to July 2021


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