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Acknowledge the systemic value of Bela Flor agroforestry - Campolide

Challenge: Articulate the unique value of the community-based project Bela Flor – Agrofloresta in a clear pitch and rigorous reasoning. The aim is to ensure the recognition of its value for the local community and the continuity of support by the new Executive of the Campolide Parish Council, as well as future Executives. At the same time, inspire the implementation and evolution of other agro-forestries in Lisbon by building capacity in multiplier agents. The aim is that these agents would be able to reveal and build on the unique value for the community that an agroforestry can bring to local development.

Resources & Process: We had regular mentoring sessions and a field visit with the coordination of the Bela Flor – Agrofloresta project to support systemic thinking and storytelling about the agroforestry as a living and dynamic system, so that the generated insights could be incorporated into training sessions and community development.

Results: Development of competences in the coordination of the Bela Flor – Agroforest project in terms of argumentation and the ability to influence a system towards a responsible, conscious and inclusive direction of co-evolution with its stakeholders.

Date: March to December 2021


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