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Define the strategic path of the tourism & hospitality schools' network in Portugal

Challenge: Support the directors of the 12 Schools of Tourism and Hospitality together with Turismo de Portugal to clarify a path for the future of the network.

Resources and process: We created a temporary structure - EHTCoLab: Collaborative Laboratory for the Development of the Network of Tourism and Hospitality Schools in Portugal to meet the challenge. This structure served both as an internal working group and a space that gave the leadership time to think and nurture the network of schools based on leadership and regenerative development principles. We designed and facilitated regular online mentoring and development sessions for the leadership, as well as in-person sessions aimed at consolidating the learnings and integrating insights into the network.

Results: The EHTCoLab became a “lucidity pocket” that revealed what collectively motivates the directors in their mission and regarding the territorial development enabled by each school. It also revealed core limiting patterns in organizational dynamics of the network. From that understanding, the leadership was able to define a desired path for the school network until 2027 (in line with the National Tourism Strategy 2027) and the individual and collective capabilities that they needed to develop together with their teams.

Date: January to September 2021


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