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Resourcing Regenesis Institute in the development of the Global Community of Practitioners

Challenge: Bringing capabilities and capacity to the Regenesis Institute and Regenerative Development practitioners from around the world, in the design and implementation of collaborative online processes and events with the aim of fostering the continuous evolution of the practice and its practitioners.

Resources and process: Coordination of the team that designed and organized the “Regenerates Global Gathering” on March 19, 2022, a 12-hour online event co-created by practitioners from around the world. The next step will be the organization of a global online summit on Regenerative Development open to the participation of the general public.

Results: Capabilities and capacity development in the Regenesis Institute team to design and host collaborative online events. Throughout the day, the more than 150 people who participated as hosts and participants, from 4 continents and dozens of countries, also discovered the potential of online and digital tools available today to nurture their evolution as DR practitioners.

Date: January April 2022


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