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Lecture "What if we saw our business as a living system?" at ExpoCECOP 2022

Challenge: To inspire the opticians participating in ExpoCECOP 2022 to understand themselves differently, as part of a whole, and as the outcome of life experiences and coexistence with different people and environments (natural, cultural, spatial).

Resources & Process: 1-hour interactive lecture for about 50 people at the annual meeting of Portuguese members of CECOP - an international network of independent opticians. We triggered participants to reflect on what is the most appropriate thinking to build their future given today's systemic crises; how the intelligence of nature - as a living system - can inspire and guide us in that process; and to generate their own insights for their business as a living system of mutually beneficial relationships.

Results: Participants shared that their way of seeing their world had changed into a more systemic perspective; and that they had realized the unique value of being independent and family-based opticians (in contrast to the corporate opticians) and what this can bring to their business - both at the level of where their stores exist and to multi-stakeholder relationships.

Date: May 2022


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