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What is regenerative development?

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Regenerative Development is a process and methodology that aims to harmonize human activities and potential with the ecological processes that sustain life on our planet.


Its approach is guided by a living systems perspective, and fosters a partnership relation between people and their “places” - the unique living systems they inhabit formed by their organizations, territories, communities, and/or areas of intervention, among others. The greater purpose of regenerative development is to develop greater capacity in people and their “places” through the lens of social and ecological systems to make them more vibrant, more resilient and better able to evolve in a reciprocal way.


Lúcida's practice of regenerative development is anchored in the lineage of our mentors - Regenesis Group and Carol Sanford - who introduced it more than 20 years ago in the fields of organizational, urban and territorial development. Its diverse methodological background evolved - and continues to evolve - from the convergence of several disciplines, with emphasis on architecture and landscape architecture, ecological design, permaculture, systems thinking and theory of living systems, and human and organizational development.

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We are a change management organization guided by a living systems perspective, with cumulative experience in facilitation, creative leadership, and regenerative design and development.


As an organization, we are part of a international network of knowledge and practices oriented towards systemic change. Project by project, we welcome other partners whose areas of expertise enrich our way of thinking and delivering services to customers.


As people, we are “Regenerative Thinkers” and we put into daily practice the principles of Lucida: in an integrated and not fragmented or reductionist way, we think, coordinate, manage, capacitate and participate in change processes of different natures - of paradigm; the way of thinking; the way of acting - always based on Regenerative Development principles.

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If nature regenerates, why do we act differently?

Care in a Lúcida way


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what we believe IN
We need to regenerate our way of thinking and being
to be conscious actors of the transition

We believe that in order to achieve prosperity in the 21st century within the means of a living planet, it is essential that we regenerate our way of thinking and being in the world. It is not sufficient to mitigate negative impacts and innovate or decarbonize the economy. We must go deeper for a just transition. We have to unlearn to see the world as a mechanism that can be controlled, and learn to see it as a living system we participate in. 


We also believe that key to this transition is developing the human capacity for self-determination. Cultivating this capacity enables us to manage and develop our being and our will together with our functional skills. 


When we develop as whole-persons, we gain greater awareness of what we truly want to pursue, and how that ties with our surrounding environment - social and natural - and beyond. And with this capacity, we can transform the way we inhabit our places, harmonize our activities to evolve with nature, and shape communities and organisations to become a source of health and regeneration.

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Meet our Team and Network

Lúcida Partners

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Constança Belchior


Nuno da Silva

Regenerative Thinkers

Regenerative Development Practitioners with whom we collaborate and develop skills together.

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Founders of the Regenesis Group and practitioners of Regenerative Design and Development, with over 3 decades of experience, who support our evolution as practitioners and mentor specific projects.

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